Guard Tower Reconstruction Project

View the Guard Tower Reconstruction Website  set up by Boise State University.
The entry Guard Tower at Minidoka was one of eight guard towers located around the perimeter of the camp manned by US military police, their guns pointing in at Japanese American captives. The Guard Tower reconstruction will closely resemble what former incarcerees witnessed, and offer visitors a window into the physical and emotional experience of those who passed beneath it to enter the camp when confined at Minidoka. This two-year project is expected to be complete by the Summer 2014 Pilgrimage.
We are pleased to be working with faculty at Boise State University's Department of Construction Management and their graduate students to research, construct, and install the guard tower at the Minidoka National Historic Site with the help of National Park Service staff. Cole Architects and Boise State University are donating their time to create plans and construct the Guard Tower. The tower will be constructed with the same materials as originally created and placed in its historical location. 
In 2012, the Friends of Minidoka received a $280,378, 2-for-1 matching grant awarded by the National Park Service Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program. This year we were awarded a $5000 grant from the Bower Trust and numerous generous donations from individuals. Our total fundraising goal was reached on November 6th, by the generous donations of individuals. Thank you to all the contributors! FOM will continue to collect donations and offer the contribution rewards until the WeDidIt campaign closes on November 17. Please note that all additional funds, beyond the fundraising goal, will go toward other projects or operating costs for Friends of Minidoka. 

Thank You To Our Generous Contributors!

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*Guard Tower Reconstruction Project donation received before the online fundraising campaign went live. These donors will receive donor rewards retroactively.