Friends of Minidoka Collection Densho Digital Repository Project

With support from a Japanese American Confinement Sites grant awarded in 2018, we are nearing completion on an exciting photograph digitization project in partnership with Densho. We were able to work with a researcher to digitize 1,000 images held in the National Archives, most of which were unprinted film negatives from the official WRA records, in which government photographers were hired to document the Minidoka camp during the war. Most of these images do not yet exist in a digital format, and will help us better understand and tell the story of the Minidoka experience through our future exhibits, film and curriculum project, and more. Many images have never been used in any publication, including the Minidoka Irrigator camp newspaper, and are entirely new information for researchers and descendants alike. The final phase of this project will be for Densho to catalog and host the images in their Digital Repository. These will be made available to all through the Densho website!