A Letter From the Executive Director

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Dear Friends,

This year marked the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066, one of the greatest violations of civil liberties in American history. In a time of uncertainty for many Americans, the Japanese American community and likeminded citizens commemorated this anniversary with great energy as a platform for remembrance, dialogue, community building, and vigilance surrounding the civil liberties of all Americans. Let us always reflect on this time as a success in spreading the message of “Never Again” far and wide. However, we must all rededicate ourselves and continue this important work long after the last witnesses to this history have left us.

In 2017 Friends of Minidoka, together with our National Park Service partners, commemorated the 75th anniversary of Executive Order 9066 through our continued collaboration to preserve and educate the public of this critical and relevant history. We are continually grateful to our generous members and donors who played a key role in accomplishing our goals. With your help, Friends of Minidoka:

  • Successfully gained the support of Idaho Congressmen Crapo, Simpson, and Risch for a commemorative stamp honoring the Nisei veterans of the US armed forces during WWII.

  • Were awarded and carried out a research contract in support of the orientation film for Minidoka National Historic Site, and digitized hundreds of records related to Minidoka.

  • Reached new audiences through educational outreach programs in Boise and Twin Falls, ID; Tri-Cities, WA; La Grande, OR, and countless tours of the Minidoka site.

  • Released the updated Minidoka NHS, a free mobile app available in English, Spanish, and Japanese on iOS and Android devices to enable virtual tours of Minidoka from anywhere.

  • Established a national presence among the various Japanese American Con nement Sites, building relationships in the communities surrounding Manzanar, Heart Mountain, Topaz, Jerome, Rohwer, Gila River, Poston, and Chicago, and reestablishing partnerships in Seattle, Portland, and Idaho.

  • Became a foundational partner in the renewed effort of a Japanese American Con nement Sites Consortium to join advocacy groups nationwide.

  • Initiated the process of publishing a 5th edition of the Minidoka Interlude, preserving the Minidoka story through the perspective of those that experienced it.

  • Hosted the 12th annual Minidoka Civil Liberties Symposium at Boise State University.

But there is more to do and your support is critically needed to preserve the legacy of the Minidoka experience. Please consider supporting the Friends of Minidoka with a tax-deductible contribution. Your donation allows us to continue our work to ensure this legacy of injustice will not be forgotten or repeated.

By supporting the Friends of Minidoka, you are directly empowering us to preserve the legacy of the Minidoka experience, continue to protect the Minidoka site as a site of conscience in our national landscape, and educate new generations about this American tragedy.

With gratitude,

Mia Russell
Executive Director
Friends of Minidoka