Since our organization began in 2003, we have been involved in many successful projects and efforts. 

Minidoka Pilgrimage 

FoM has co-sponsored the pilgrimage since 2002

Civil Liberties Symposium

FoM board members worked to create the Symposium held at Boise State University, and has co-sponsored the event since 2006.

Guard Tower

FoM successfully obtained a Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant, raised matching funds, and managed the reconstruction of the historic guard tower at the entrance to Minidoka National Historic Site. The Guard Tower was dedicated at the 2014 pilgrimage.

Honor Roll

FoM secured grant funding, raised matching money, and managed the re-establishment of the Honor Roll at Minidoka National Historic Site. The Honor Roll was dedicated at the 2011 pilgrimage.

Baseball Field

FoM supported the National Park Service in raising funds for and managing the reconstruction of a historic baseball field at Minidoka during the Field-In-A-Day event. The Baseball Field was dedicated at the 2016 pilgrimage.

Expansion of Minidoka National Historic Site

With the help of the Conservation Fund, FoM worked to purchase land to expand the Minidoka National Historic Site to include the area where historic residential blocks 21 and 22 and the Herrmann homestead once stood.

Minidoka Interlude

The historic yearbook for the camp residents was reprinted by FoM in 2005. All copies have been distributed.

Minidoka General Management Plan

FoM supported the National Park Service in creating the General Management Plan, establishing a 10-year guide for future interpretative projects and programming.

Idaho's "Day of Remembrance" 

FoM co-sponsored this ceremony held annually on February 19th, marking the day in 1941 that Executive Order 9066 was signed by President Roosevelt.

Support for Other Confinement Site Groups

FoM has built local and national support to preserve and protect national Japanese American confinement sites and participates in the All Camps Consortium with other confinement site organizations.

Issei Memorial Project

FoM has begun the design, outreach efforts, and fundraising for a memorial to honor the Issei (first generation immigrants) at Minidoka.

Protecting Minidoka

FoM is part of a coalition of groups working to ensure Minidoka's historic integrity is kept intact and not harmed by nearby developments in the future.